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Volunteer Bar.

The bar at the NCCC is continually being updated.

Improved facilities consist of the installation of three glass fronted bottle fridges and a “wine by the glass” cooler behind the bar.

The beer cellar has been upgraded to modern standards by installing an air conditioning unit (This is to keep the temperature in the cellar below 10 degrees which helps to keep the beers in prime condition).

For details of Room Hire click here.




            View of the Bar


“Coors” Brewery has provided us with a new remote beer cooler for the cellar to control the temperature of the beer lines.  We have also replaced the outdated pressurized CO2 gas lines and pipe cleaning equipment with state of the art, gas pumped, regulated beer lines and cleaning systems.    

The new facility now supports:


Boddingtons Draft Flow Bitter


John Smiths Smooth Bitter


Chestnut Dark Mild


Draft Guinness


Carlsberg and Grolsch Draft Lagers

All these brands are now available from the bar at very reasonable prices.

View of the Cellar.



We now serve Premium spirits:- 

Johnnie Walker Black Label (a deluxe Scotch Whisky); Tanqueray Export Gin (distilled four times) and Smirnoff No.57  Blue Vodka (the worlds best selling premium strength vodka) as well as all the normal spirits, all of which may be served as a double measure in a “new style” long glass over ice.

This style of drinking spirits is becoming popular as a 50ml spirit with mixer. For example, a 16oz 50ml Tanqueray with Mixer is only 2.2 units – that's still less units of alcohol than a pint of standard lager (2.3 units).



Bottle Coolers.

Glassware is toughened, clean and dry, filled with plenty of Ice, cooling the spirit and mixer as they are poured over it, ensuring the drink is cooled to the correct serve temperature of 3oC - keeping the drink colder for longer once served to the customer rather than dilute it. Pour a 50ml measure of the chosen spirit over the ice into the 16 oz glass, followed by a 180ml or 200ml bottled  mixer of the customer’s choice (using a bottled mixer is important for consistency & quality). The final step in the preparation of this drink is to garnish with a slice of fruit.

North Cheshire Cruising Club is a limited company and has a full club premises license which enables the NCCC to open its doors for private events like Birthday Parties, Anniversaries, Wedding Receptions, Christmas Parties and other such occasions for the public. The room is also available for Children’s Parties.  For details of Room Hire click here.

Members and associates are always welcome to  come along on a Thursday (club night) to socialise or to “Play Your Cards Right” or to one of the Friday "Games Night" and try out one of the Beers/Guinness/Lagers or other alcoholic or none alcoholic drinks which we also stock.

So come along and have a great evening and social get-together with other members at the North Cheshire Cruising Club.


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This page was last updated 09 February, 2010