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Commodore's Newsletter.

Dear Members New and Old,

I'd like to begin by greeting you all and by introducing myself as the Commodore for NCCC in 2015/16. 

I was first introduced to canals and boating shortly after I met my fiancťe Michelle Wright three years ago, when she took me out with her father Keith on the Very Good Ship Fleur Denise. I was instantly hooked and was absolutely amazed  by the tranquility and pace, I never thought there would be so many boats. The overall friendliness of many of the boaters and walkers was nothing I had experienced before, the only hiccup was that there was a fishing competition at Adlington where a fisherman on prime moorings attempted to pick a fight with my future father in law (and do I need to say more......).

Over the past three years my love of cruising has grown stronger as Iíve met some fantastic people through this club. Our common interest in boats, canals as well as the belief that in the future, as has been in the past, NCCC will be what other clubs aspire to. 

It is my intention over the next year to bring all members together and celebrate our passion and love of cruising and have a bloody good time.

Hopefully, youíll get used to my many phone calls and messages promoting events and excursions but donít be surprised by an impromptu trip down the Macc with maybe a pit stop or two for 'refreshments'.

Although my overall knowledge of boating and canals is minimal, I am slowly learning, I think the many breakdowns and being covered in engine oil has most certainly helped. This is a sight my old friends never thought they would see as Iím not the most practical of people and the thought of any kind of manual labour would have sent me to  bed with a dose of the  vapours.  I'm hoping now to draw on the vast experience of you the members to assist and guide me through this challenging and exciting time and hope we can all have some fun both on and off our boats.

I have many ideas on what I'd like to do this coming year, but appreciate any suggestions. Any advice and help would also be very greatly appreciated.

Over the next couple of months it's my intention to get to know more of you in person and I hope that everyone can work together to make the year of 2015/16 a memorable one for all members young and old.

I look forward to seeing you all very soon and if your buying, mine will be a double although be warned Iíve been banned from drinking whiskey....

Kindest Regards,

Commodore Rob



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This page was last updated 12 November, 2015